When I arrived for the first time in Delhi, India in April 2018, I didn’t know much about the culture, the struggles or even about the history of the country. But weeks went by, and with the help of some great books and some very friendly locals – I quickly realized that there is an issue that I just can’t overlook.

Many women are harassed and sexually abused. There are multiple rape attempts happening daily. However, lately, there has been a shift in awareness of the public towards it.

I’m not saying it’s not happening in other parts of the world, but there was this intense feeling of not getting any personal space. In some parts, it was very intense even for me! A 30 something white guy with what some would call tough looks(scars on the face come with a price(: ).When I got a chance to discuss this issue with local women, we went back and forth with what could possibly be the reasons for it. But for whatever the reasons are, I thought to myself that there is something that I could do on my own.

I recalled one of my experiences when traveling in Rio De Jainero, Brazil – I was also harassed by multiple men in a Bloco( a Carnival parade that goes through the streets). Maybe it was my stupidity or I was naive but I stayed my ground and showed that I’m not an easy target and just shooed the attacker away. And they left. This also happened to me in Israel when I was a teenager, although they were after my mobile phone.

In nature – predators work and think the same, they are constantly looking for weaker prey. When a gazelle see a lion, 

they start jumping, which would seem like a bad instinct – why would you want to draw attention? But this way they show their physical strength and health. The predator will hunt the one that either doesn’t jump – can’t see the predator, or the one that is an easy catch – jumps the lowest.

The same logic we always applied in the army – you hit your enemy in the place he is not expecting, and where his defense is the weakest.

So while working in shared offices I decided to pass some of my knowledge to those who hopefully won’t need to use it in real life.

I did free lessons on the basics of Krav Maga, how to understand your environment and how to escape from dangerous situations. I invited 5 women but 19 showed up!

I didn’t expect it to be such a success. But those who came for the lessons showed interest and took some practical tools that would boost their self-confidence – and being confident in yourself and in your capabilities counts as 80% success in these situations.

How to use your fist

As Ido Portal said, “We are all teachers”. We all have something to give to our community and our environment, it’s a matter of decision and willingness.

I do think a lot about going back to the security/defense field – I would like to work with people that need it, not those who can afford it or those driven by some political agenda. Who knows, maybe this was me dipping my toes before getting into something much bigger(:

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