First visit at Sparsha Trust 2018

Sparsha Trust was founded in the year 2005 by a group of Master of Social Work (MSW) students with a vision to provide quality education and equal education to all children, regardless of their background. Around 2500 children comprising of school dropouts, street kids, beggars, rag pickers, kids from broken and violent homes, and child laborers have been rehabilitated since 2009. The organization is running educational training centers along with shelters in 6 locations across Bangalore and 4 non-formal education centers without shelters. Every year, nearly 400 children are getting basic facilities from Sparsha Trust along with education. Sparsha Trust is working hard to provide basic facilities to women, youths and common people of rural areas. They renovate facilities, provide clothes, food and educational material for the kids of all ages.

When we met with Gopi and his wife Chitra for the first time, we were amazed by the amount of love and care the organization posses. Gopi’s personal story is touching as he himself comes from the street. Their vision and passion to continue fighting for kids education and facilities is inspiring! After a few meetings and visits at their shelter, we’ve decided that we need to do something! Bangaloreis not a famous travel destination – it is a big city, with many companies and traffic jams. A lot of travelers go through Bangalore as a connecting station to other famous destinations like Goa, Hampi, Kerala etc. But that only means that there are a lot of people going through , and they just need someone to show them that there is something meaningful to do and amazing place to visit!

And that’s how at the beginning of January 2019, we brought together 2 worlds: Backpackers from Israel and shelter Kids from India.

The goals of this project were simple:

  • Introduce the kids to new possibilities and hobbies

  • Help them with English

  • Help their staff with English and Computer Science

  • Lay the ground for the next projects!


Children and Risk

There was an immediate connection between the two worlds! Kids were so exited to have someone new to play with, someone that speaks different language, has different tone, can show them different hobbies!

The volunteers stayed for a total of 10 days, they spent days playing with kids, helping with their homework and helping the staff with their day to day tasks. This way the volunteers got the chance to experience India from a different point of view and to connect with different social classes. It also provides an interesting experience that requires a sacrifice in form of time and commodity in middle of India vacation. But with that said, the kids left a great mark on our volunteers and our volunteers on the kids! Until next time!

We want to thank Julian, Guy, Lior, and Limor who did an outstanding job of providing dancing classes, Capoeira, English, cooked dinner, spent time with children doing homework, played with them, listened to their needs and most importantly – opened their hearts!

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