“If you build it, they will come.”

The original quote was by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, and it went “If you build it, he will come”. It was a reference to building a baseball field so he can meet a great baseball player. This quote is very popular today with a reference to opening doors and possibilities.


Recycling for the environment

White & Blue Project 2 is a perfect example for it, the project took place at Nisragra Grama in Bangalore, on 7th March – 21st March.

For this project, we showed the door and the rest is history. What a positive impact it was! Noa, Tamar, Ehud, and Nadav joined Nisarga Grama for a 14-day stay. They were willing to come in the middle of their backpacking trip to put their time, effort and willingness to create a positive experience for children and the staff alike.

What we always find surprising is the interest people shown to each other – especially children! Their hunger to learn new things, to be involved in creative activities met in a perfect match the volunteers drive to do those activities.

The girls had workshops about womanhood (a project that started previously), about confidence and goals. And got the chance to learn about different cultures and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Not a trivial thing, taking into account the circumstances that the majority of children in shelters don’t have that example.

The boys had a chance to work on their fitness, play games and learn that with hard work and dedication – goals and dreams can be achieved.

Creativity is a key! Creativity develops the mind and the character – it creates a ground for stronger bonds,interest and hobbies.


The connection between the two groups was very strong, you could feel the amount of trust the children put in volunteers. Doing a very intimate action as lice cleaning requires a big amount of trust. Moreover showing that small projects such as recycling or helping cleaning lice for one and the other is a matter of decision and small planing that the kids can do by themselves.

This brings me back to the quote, when you start something or build something, there will be people who will be attracted to it. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, and sometimes you just look for an opportunity . An opportunity to do something you love, and if by doing something you love you spread happiness and respect – you are halfway in haven. Thank you, Nadav, Ehud, Noa, and Tamar. You truly did an unforgettable deed. To learn more about Sparsha Trust and their work you can visit this link.

From left to right: Ehud, Noa, Tamar and Nadav.

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