How different is our world from others? Sometimes we can only imagine. But once you hear stories and meet people from different backgrounds, you truly learn how difficult life can be. After our first project that took place in January 2019, we decided that we want to take our volunteering plans forward. We’ve partnered with Angel (Social worker), Ronit (Sociologist) and Hadar(Led several volunteering projects) to create a meaningful and practical experience. On 2 of March 2019, we organized a 3-day workshop with a goal to empower and learn about difficulties of the staff of Sparsha Trust, staff that works day and night with kids in their many shelters in Bangalore, India.


Children and Risk

We learned and shared experiences about trauma, crisis, and creativity. We learned what effect trauma has on children (and adults) and how it affects their behavior. With the help of experienced social workers, we’ve learned how to deal with kids in crisis, what crisis is, and how to conduct Life Situation Interview(LSI). We gave practical tools to handle difficult situations and tools to help us learn more about ourselves and the kids around us.


We shared practical ways to implement creativity in the classroom, learned the benefits of it and how different games can enhance learning abilities in children and in adults!

In this line of work we sometimes forget to stop and take care of ourselves, this can lead to actions or to us reacting in an impulsive way. As human beings, we tend to stick to something familiar, or maybe to something that we’ve been tough, without asking if there can be another way? Being a teacher or a consultant to a kid is a very demanding job, it doesn’t have the glamour of other professions yet is one of the most important occupations for our future.

We had a great time sharing ideas, experiences and hearing stories about different challenges that every staff member face in day to day life.


Icebreaker Game

More importantly we’ve learned that no matter where in the world you are coming from, kids need love, understanding, care and feeling of belonging. We also learned how much love and care the caretakers and teachers at Sparsha Trust have for their students and kids.

Thank you Sparsha, and good luck!

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