“Hi, I’m Gregory! All my friends call me Greg. I was born in Ukraine and raised between Czechia and Israel. I’ve been always fascinated by healthy lifestyle and longevity. My hobbies include yoga, Handstands, MMA and music(creating and listening).

I also like to spend my time reading and watching documentaries.

I’ve worked for 9 years in the Israeli army and I’ve managed several projects in security and defense. I’m passionate about motivating people to get better and reaching their goals. After traveling to many places, meeting and learning various cultures I’ve learned that we all share the same  great qualities, and it is only the matter of will to unlock them!”


My name is Ran. I was born 34 years ago in Israel and since then I’m on this special journey called “LIFE”. I moved to the U.S in 2006 with a dream of building myself up. I always say dreams are made to come true. The most important lesson about success I’ve learned can be summarized into one word- persistence! I started in sales and didn’t stop looking around for opportunities even when the time was tough. I’ve managed to create few different businesses and learned that hard work pays off. 

I love traveling! I always say traveling is one of the best things money can buy. I’ve visited about 30 countries and still counting.

When I was a kid I started collecting quotes that came across my way. There is a lot of wisdom we surrounded by, The secret I think is to learn how to apply it to your life. I spend a lot of time learning to improve my skills in a variety of interests.

I’m passionate about life and living them to the fullest. Each and every one of us deserves to do so as well. Remember Everyday is a new opportunity to change it all! 


– Meditating at Pyramid Valley International